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Developed in house by top talents in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) field, USgeocoder engine uses proprietary methods to integrate multiple data sources including USPS delivery data and US Census TIGER data. It is among the very few geocoding engines on the market today that offer superior accuracy.

USgeocoder is a product of Online Image, a software and website development company with its headquarters in San Jose, California. Unlike most other service providers who outsource geocoding needs, we have total control over our own Geocoding engine. As a result, we are more flexible with what we can offer and we are more affordable for what we do.

We offer many different kinds of services by utilizing our USgeocoder. Among them are:

API Service: through the XML/JSON REST communication style, you can obtain up to 36 different fields of information from political districts to census demographics that are kept up to date directly "off the shelf". If you need some "out of the box" information, we can custom design and integrate such information requests into an API for you.

Congressional District Mapping: Use USgeocoder congressional district map to create district maps with layers of your choice; plot your presence, by people, places, or amount spent on our Congressional District layer on your own instance of USgeocoder to show why members of Congress should pay attention to you; map your members by Congressional District so you know whom to call when you need to interact with Congress.

Legislature District Mapping: Use USgeocoder legislative district map in your applications to show why services are needed, where money is spent, how many of your organizations members are constituents of each legislator and the like.

Custom GIS Mapping: Our USgeocoder maps can be used by numerous applications to paint pictures and tell stories about your cause, your company, your mission, and your markets. Moreover, you can plan and determine the feasibility of project and project revenues from the maps alone.

GIS Data Processing: If you have an address file and you need to know the standardized address, zip9, carrier route, political jurisdictions and/or elected officials from Congressional to school boards, US Census geography such as census blocks, MSA, tracts, urban or rural designations, and California sales and tax rates for each address. We can batch process your data file, geocode each address and return the desired information.

Demographic Service: Provide sophisticated demographic analyses and profiles of voters, constituents, customers, or stakeholders according to your specifications.

Custom GIS Application Development: You can utilize the intelligence of USgeocoder for your applications in an infinite variety of ways. Our GIS and web programming experts can provide custom GIS solutions for your GIS data processing and mapping needs.