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Other Data Files

Besides congressional, state legislative and county district data files, USgeocoder offers municipality, school, tribal land, carrier route, and zip sector data files produced by the same intelligent geocoding engine.

USgeocoder's proprietary method of combining U.S. Postal data and U.S. Census data results in a geocoding platform independant of expensive parcel data that delivers, on a nationwide basis, the most accurate and complete data files you can find on the internet. With the most frequent update schedule of mailing addresses available, USgeocoder allows you to create demographic profiles and analysis with unmatched confidence!

"Zip-to-District" and "Address Range-to-district" data files for incorporated municipality, town, or township

Many incorporated areas have unincorporated "islands" within them. With over 98% accuracy, USgeocoder can produce address range files of incorporated areas updated monthly.

"Zip-to-School District" and "Address Range-To-School District" data files

Using its proprietary algorithms to merge U.S. Postal data and Census TIGER/Line files to assign address ranges to streets, USgeocoder can produce highly accurate school district maps and files. Demographic profiling to assist in service delivery is available from USgeocoder as an additional service.

"Zip-To-District" and "Address Range-To-District" data files for Tribal Reservation Land

USgeocoder is proud to be able to produce address range information for tribal trust land. Using our proprietary algorithms, we identify all address ranges within reservation lands as well as identify nonreservation islands within the tribal trust area.

Because we merge the monthly updated U.S. Postal address files with TIGER/Line files, addresses don't get "lost" when dealing with nontribe entities. Tribes are encouraged to contact us for GIS development using our files or to subscribe to USgeocoder.

We have several web based applications for tribes wishing to keep in touch with their off reservation enrollees, delivering services to members on and off the reservation, and for tribal political advocacy. We would be happy to customize our applications to fit individual tribal needs.

"Address Range-To-Census Block", "Census Block-To-Zip" data files

So you've used the most sophisticated market analysis websites, software, and Census data available to identify the most likely consumer for your product, the people most likely to donate to your cause, the voters most likely to vote your way, or the people with whom you would most like to socialize, but your mailing program cannot relate on that granular a level, and your mailing lists are out of date. USgeocoder has not only mapped the entire US Postal delivery service down to the zip+4 and carrier route levels, it can also produce files to feed your marketing and mailing programs! With USgeocoder files you can match census block results with the highest likelihood of saying yes to your proposals to the carrier routes and zip sectors containing the zip+4 address ranges for those blocks. You can also scrub your lists of inaccurate or out of date addresses. This could save you zillions in processing and postage costs while increasing your sales.

USgeocoder provides GIS data processing, GIS mapping, and demographic services through its API and custom GIS application development for your needs. Please contact us to see how we can help.