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Custom GIS Mapping

With the advanced GIS mapping engine we developed along with the USgeocoder, we can provide custom GIS mapping service with your own data file!

All of the following layers running on USgeocoder maps can be used with your data to develop custom maps such as political district maps and zip code maps for your applications and websites:

Transportation network
Water Features
Land Marks
Tribal Lands
Federal Public Lands
Military Installations
Representative Districts
o Congressional Districts
o State Upper House
o State Lower House
o Voting Precint
School Districts
o Primary School District
o Secondary School District
o Unified School District
Census Statistics
o Census Tract
o Block Group
o Census 2000 Block
o Current Census Block
o Urban or Rural Area

This is an example of the base map generated by USgeocoder GIS mapping engine in 2013. You can customize the map by turning on and off layers of information to display. We can customize the base map to show whatever layers of information you want. We can add additional informational layers per your request.


Any combination of layers and corresponding labels can be used for your maps. We provide both API and custom application design services to fit your particular needs. We can even host your web application in our state-of-art co-location facility located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

For an example of our custom GIS mapping, see We created this site in less than 72 hours to allow broadband consultants to explore service areas under the US Broadband Service Initiative in 2009.

Want to hone your advertising or identify those most likely to support your message, buy your product, or contribute to your cause? Combine our GIS data processing, GIS mapping, and demographic analysis tools to create clear images that tell you where your buck will get the biggest bang! Use USgeocoder at a fraction of the cost of other providers.