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Custom GIS Application Development

By utilizing the intelligence of USgeocoder, we can provide custom GIS solutions for your GIS data processing and mapping needs. USgeocoder is currently being used in many ways. Following are some sample applications.

Political Advocacy Information: USgeocoder is the mapping engine for all political districts in the U.S. USgeocoder is used by political advocacy groups to match their supporters to politicians when they have something to say. Examples are and Please check these out for examples of how your organization can protect its members and/or the public from Capitol Hill.

Political Campaign Management. Politicians use USgeocoder to locate their supporters and profile the voting characteristics of their districts. They can locate where their e-mail correspondents live and hone their message based on the demographics associated with their neighborhoods. Please visit for more information.

Meeting Location: Need to know the most convenient location for your next meeting? Start by geocoding your membership. Then display the members on the map. You'll immediately see the most convenient place for most members to get to.

Sales Tax Law Compliant Shopping Cart: California businesses can use USgeocoder to build a 100% sales tax compliant online shopping cart to collect sales taxes.

California has one of the most complex sales tax system in the nation with a maze of state, county, city, and district sales taxes and different rules depending on place of shipment and delivery. USgeocoder can accurately identify incorporated and unincorporated areas based on address. This assures 100% sales tax compliance for online merchants.

As a California business ourselves, we build and maintain California sales tax rates as they are updated. This invaluable service is available to all USgeocoder customers

Member Management. You have a large e-mail list of customers or associates and you need to know where they live and their likely preferences. USgeocoder can provide you with their location and run demographic queries to create profiles.

Mailing Solution: Clean up your mailing list and add zip+4 using USgeocoder. Need to create geographically tight marketing campaigns? Use USgeocoder to identify target density by carrier route, zip sector, or whole zip code. Run demographic queries to determine if these areas are likely to be receptive to your marketing message.

Property Research: Need to provide property information to clients? Build your research protocols on USgeocoder.

If you have a geocoding related project, we would love to hear it! Please contact us to see how we can help!